1st Class Real Estate Discovery Day

Come learn about what makes 1st Class Real Estate a disruptor in the real estate industry and what opportunities we have available to take your business to the next level!

We will discuss how 1st Class offers one of the fastest-growing models in the real estate industry with innovative services like:

  • Leads and set appointments at no charge unless you get a listing
  • Free marketing department, swag store, 1st class university for training on all levels
  • Custom technology, CRM, personal app, back end system and more for only $50/agent/month
  • How you can have 100% commission agents and still be profitable
  • How you can own your own mortgage company
  • How you can own your own title company and share the value with your agents
  • How you can keep the brand you built, run your business your way, and be powered by the services of 1st Class!

Fill out and submit the contact form below to reserve your spot at our Discovery Day event on Tuesday 10/22/19 9:00 am