Sell More Homes and Still Live a Balanced Life!

What if you could sell 500 homes a year AND still have the time, money and freedom to live the life you want? If that’s you, then this book was written for you. This is NOT a book for people who are just looking to sell a few homes as an agent or looking for a “get rich quick” plan in real estate. It’s for those that are looking to EXPLODE their business to profitability so that they can experience the freedom that life offers.
In Explode, seasoned real estate pro, Rhyan Finch, shares with you exactly how to:
  • Sell 500 homes a year
  • Build an empire that gives you time, freedom and BALANCE (so you can spend more time with your friends and family)
  • Avoid the key mistakes that most new and seasoned real estate professionals make (that can literally cost them everything)
  • How to systemize your business so that it runs without you (instead of running you)
  • The fastest and most profitable way to grow your team (without pulling your hair out)
  • And much MORE!

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